As the title indicates, I will be dedicating this blog to feed my addiction to internet C-novels. This is really just for me, since I’m pretty much the only one in my group of friends who is a bit crazy for these novels. The posts I will be writing will really be about the ones I have to talk about or haven’t been talked about much by other c-novel blogs. Every one of them left some kind of impression on me that I can easily remember.

…a nice lengthy rant.

And yes, if you are wondering what types of novels I will be posting…..well, you will probably guess pretty quick, I have a few types I like to read despite knowing the how flawed or oversaturated the genre is. They are my guilty pleasures.

Formating Reviews

My first few (maybe several) will be on books I read awhile ago, but still can’t forget and have plenty to talk about. I might even review some I couldn’t finish (but read enough) so I can rant about it. The format will consist of:

  • Summary: a really brief one
  • Mini-Review: This is where I will give my thoughts without spoilers. They might give you hints on what might possibly happen, but I will never outright say anything you won’t find out really quickly when reading the book.
  • Rating: The ratings will be calculated from character, story, writing, and my personal enjoyment. I will also mention the number of time I re-read the book, though it won’t count towards the overall rating score.
  • A link to the e-book and a possible audiobook
  • Ending: I will mention whether the book had what type of ending. I might put two if my feelings are different from the main characters’ along with my reasoning.
    • Happy Ending: The main character is happy (can’t count everyone, otherwise very few novels have happy endings), I am happy for the main character, and the two in the main ship are all alive and happy. All around happy fest.
    • Sad Ending: A tragedy. Main character is sad, dead, regretful, or whatever negative feeling you can think about that makes you equally sad. The one the main character loves (and the intended lead) is either dead or can’t be with the main character. If the book ends with you crying or filled with heavy feelings, then it will be labeled this.
    • Open Ending: No idea what is canon. Not sure what really happened, who the main character ended up with, how I should feel, just really confused.
    • Mixed Ending: Not to be confused with the open ending, I know very well what happened, but I just don’t know how to feel about it. This will probably be attached to many other endings if there was another ship that I or other people liked, or I can’t get rid of other feelings despite loving the ship.
  • Spoiled-filled Rant: This is really why I’m making this blog, to rant, but I can’t rant much without spoiling. I will give a warning if I believe you shouldn’t read the rant. After all, spoilers can really take the journey out of the adventure. There might be times when I have nothing to rant about if I just liked the book and wanted to talk about it.



This is a new category I’m considering to add as of August 30, 2017. Posts under this can be about anything in Chinese novels. They won’t be on a single book, but things that I notice that I either love or hate. Here, I hope to have discussions with people who either share or oppose my opinions.